The Importance of Picking Up After Your Dog

Dogs. Man’s best friend. Every dog owner will provide multiple reasons for having a dog as part of the family. Companionship, therapy, protection, hunting, to name a few. The one thing all dog owners will agree upon, though, is the chore of picking up dog poop in the yard is a nasty job and quite a hassle!

Healthy Yard makes a Happy Family

There are numerous reasons for regularly removing the dog poop in your yard. Not only does it smell and keep you from enjoying your yard, but it can also create serious health problems for you, your pets, and your lawn.

Full of bacteria and disease, dog poop is truly a danger to the environment. Rain runoff containing poop particles contaminates waterways, dog poop containing worms can infect other dogs that come in contact with the feces, and dog poop can also cause people to become ill as dog poop carries human-infecting parasites.

Your lawn and plants can become ill, too, because dog waste is very acidic due to their diet consisting mainly of beef, chicken, and pork products. Dog poop is not a fertilizer as many dog owners might think. Leaving poop in the yard will kill your grass, and it is also very toxic to other landscaping plants as well. Call Dog Scoop Pros  the top Pet waste removal company Highlands Ranch Colorado

Picking up after your dog is important, but so is keeping your yard urine spot-free. Read to learn how to prevent urine spots on your lawn!

How to Prevent Dog Urine Spots on Your Lawn

Dog Scoop Pros Can Help!

We understand everything there is to know about dog poop and what it can do to the environment. There’s more than meets the nose when it comes to leaving dog poop in your yard! Our expert pooper scooper service technicians can visit your yard on a regular basis to scoop dog poop and ensure the safety of you, your pets, and your landscaping. We are experts on proper removal and disposal of your pet’s waste.

Offering multiple year-round scheduling options and a 100% service satisfaction guarantee, we are confident that having POOP 911 doing the nasty work for you will keep you and the family happy and healthy.

Understanding the hazards of leaving your yard unsafe and unclean by not picking up your dog’s poop is the first step in making the decision to hand off the job to a professional service. There are many dog poop facts that not many people are aware of. In some areas, it’s the law that your dog poop be picked up, even in your own yard. Dog poop also takes a very long time to break down, attracts unhealthy parasites and carries disease during the process, we should all take a minute and consider the benefits of leaving the job to the experts.

Don’t want to worry about the hassle of picking up after your dog? No worries! Contact Poop 911 and let our team of pet waste removal specialists do the dirty work for you.

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