Why Our Clients Use Year-Round Poop Scooping Services in Highlands Ranch Co

A responsible dog owner understands that dog poop is neither biodegradable nor clean. It’s actually stinky, smelly, potentially harmful to your health, and needs to be disposed of promptly and quickly. The weather significantly impacts your dog’s poop. There is no season that frees you of the odious chore, so consider using a dog poop removal company year round, like  Dog Scoop Pros. Located Locally here in Highlands Ranch Colorado

Frozen Poop

Depending on your climate, your dog’s poop is affected by the moisture and cold of varying degrees for the winter months. Whether it rains, snows, or sleets, the winter proposes a physical change on your dog’s poop and it’s colder than average temperatures. Those physical weather changes to your dog’s poop still pose the same hazards to your environment, even when your dog’s poop is frozen to the yard.

If you can’t smell frozen poop, it must be safe to leave in the yard! Right? This myth is well known by your professional pooper scooper at Dog Scoop Pros. The cold air could delay your regular pick-up and create an ugly scene for the neighbors and friends. The lack of putrid aroma can trick you into thinking it might be ok to leave it out there for weeks, especially if your temperatures stay below freezing. Frozen poop is notably easier to pick up if you get to it before it freezes to the grass.

Rainy Climates

If you live in a rainier climate, then the fresh rain flushes the chemistry of the poop into your future spring lawn for an unwelcome surprise. Dog feces is the third-largest source of contaminating water. The fresh rain provides runoff of pet waste that can pollute lakes or even the puddle that your pup drinks. Additionally, dog poop contaminants in runoff water can kill wildlife. Whether rain, sleet, or snow, your dog poop in your yard is creating new challenges for you as an honorable pet owner, who is responsible for doing what’s best.

Year-Round Pickup

No matter what the season, behind the seemingly innocent dog waste, are potential worms, intestinal bugs, viruses, and bacteria. Additionally, the dog’s poop is high in protein, which means it will attract rats who are hungry for a meal. Rats are not a pest you want to deal with, so you could open your yard up to another set of challenges, like this rat problem Rhode Island residents are facing.

Winter Challenges

Winter months present challenges to poop scoopers. Wintertime months present compromised immune systems, especially for children, pregnant women, and older adults. Dog poop carries millions of bacteria. A sweet walk through the snowy yard can result in stepping in dog poop. When you come inside, the poop on your shoes or dogs paws could harm those individuals with a compromised immune system and leave them infected, sick, and perhaps hospitalized.

One other reason to pick up your pup’s poop in the winter is the threat of worms, parasites, etc. Some types of worms and parasites can lay dormant in their larvae stage during all seasons, even winter months, for over a year. These worms and parasites can survive super cold temperatures, spring thaw and even a long-term setting of wet conditions in the soil until temperatures rise. Meanwhile, the winter is a popular time for your pup licking its paws and ingesting, bacteria or these nasty worms or parasites into your dogs previously healthy gut.

Be your best self and pick up after your dog. Remember dog poop is potentially dangerous year round and is best picked up in one to a few days, even when dealing with winter weather. Since colder months are a great time for reading, why not forward this article to a pet owner and share your newfound knowledge? Picking up after your dog is a year-round commitment.

If you are looking for reliable year-round dog poop cleanup services, be sure to contact your local Dog Scoop Pros Highlands Ranch Colorado for more information!

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